Augment your Talent Team with bleeding edge AI

Popp is the world's most advanced AI co-pilot for recruitment professionals.
Developed by scientists & engineers from Cambridge, Harvard & MIT.

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AI that you can finally control

We don't replace team members. We allow them to increase their ouput by up to 8X.

You instruct the AI on how to analyse and converse with candidates with our industry-leading customisation suite. Then, simply watch it get to work. It's like having an extra pair of hands - or eight.

Popp AI can ingest any type of candidate data - from CVs & LinkedIn profiles to unstructured CRM data.

Consistent, high quality candidate screening, available 24/7 in 50+ languages.

Integrate with any tech stack or workflow

Integrations with 40+ Applicant Tracking Systems.

Our unified API allows us to integrate with your existing ATS in days, not weeks.

Where needed, our team of engineers is on hand to develop custom integrations from the ground up.

We convert conversational data into clean, CRM-friendly data that can be safely fed back into your database.

Not just tech - we're your in-house AI team

Leverage our expertise to get the most out of your AI stack.

Enterprise packages include custom integrations, world class support and training to get your team up and running in record time.

Request custom features and watch them appear in days. We offer consumer-grade experience and speed, but for business.

We can help your organisation develop it's long-term AI strategy, including mapping out detailed architectural changes to your existing tech stack.

AI assistants for unparalleled customer success productivity

Transform stale customer service journeys with frictionless, multi-modal self-service tools.

Automate customer engagement at scale, allowing you to focus on delivering human support and value only where it counts.

Manage hundreds of conversations simultaneously, around the clock, in any language.

Use AI to reimagine customer experience while slashing customer service costs.

Make customers feel like one in a million -not one of a million

Deliver prompt, engaging, and tailored self-serve communications to delight customers immediately - because “we are experiencing high call volumes” is no longer acceptable.

Personalise every conversation based on the footprint and needs of every individual.

Effortlessly guide customers through helpful conversations aligned with their specific needs and goals, on demand.

Elevate the customer with a tenacious AI-powered assistant that works relentlessly to solve their problems without distraction.

Speak your customers’ language

Multi-modal communication channels and tools for every conversation.

Engage customers through relevant channels like Whatsapp, SMS, and Voice.

Enhance customer engagement through audio and video content, creating interactive and informative experiences that drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Automatically schedule human interactions for exceptional cases at convenient times for both parties.

AI assistants to supercharge your sales efforts

Boost sales productivity with automated communication software. Effortlessly manage conversations, engage prospects, and maximise results in real-time.

Automate MQL qualification and engagement at scale, enabling SDRs to focus exclusively on high-value interactions.

Seamlessly handle multiple conversations simultaneously, 24/7, across various languages.

Wave goodbye to scheduling headaches by easily booking qualified calls and meetings with high-potential prospects.

Delight potential customers with human-like empathy

Deliver prompt, engaging and personalised communications to captivate prospects at every stage of the discovery journey.

Craft hyper-personalised communications tailored to each prospect's needs.

Effortlessly respond, screen, and qualify prospects through meaningful conversations aligned with your prospects interests and your specific sales objectives.

Never lose inbound leads again.

Differentiate to drive results

Communicate through the channels and tools that truly make an impact on your sales performance.

Leverage popular platforms like Whatsapp, SMS, and Voice to achieve an exceptional 98% open rate and maximise engagement.

Cut through the noise of crowded email inboxes and stand out from competitors with a 8X higher response rate than traditional channels.

Elevate prospect engagement with audio and video files, creating a sales experience that delights.

Our Our AI assistants give you more time for the conversations that matter

Maximise efficiency with Popp's automated communication software to optimise your buyer and tenant screening processes.

Streamline tenant outreach and engagement with friendly conversations, not online applications.

Handle hundreds of conversations simultaneously, 24/7, in any language.

Effortlessly schedule qualified calls without the hassle of back-and-forth coordination.

Offer prospective tenants and buyers best-in-class customer service

Deliver prompt, engaging, and relevant communications to impress potential clients at every stage of the real estate journey.

Hyper-personalise your communications to make them relevant for every individual prospect.

Effortlessly screen interested parties to focus time on qualified clients.

Provide feedback to disqualified clients with empathy and candour, preserving the relationship for the future.

Differentiate to drive results

Employ only effective communication channels and tools that make a significant impact.

Engage clients through popular platforms like Whatsapp, SMS, and Voice to achieve an impressive 98% open rate.

Forget the frictions of email inboxes and “leave a message after the tone”.

Enhance candidate engagement with property brochures, audio and video files, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

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