Personalised self-service experiences for candidates, prospects & customers - on autopilot.

Popp’s out-of-the-box conversational AI helps companies automate repetitive, resource-intensive communications - whilst retaining a human touch. Whether you are a recruiter, estate agent, SDR or customer support manager - our technology frees up to 1 day per week for you to focus on the conversations that really matter.

The numbers

But don’t just take our word for it.

Popp has best-in-class engagement metrics - the numbers speak for themselves:

Average open rate of messages delivered by Popp
Higher open rate when compared to email and LinkedIn
Faster response rate to messages from Popp compared to email and LinkedIn

Every company should be able to deliver the right information to the right person - on demand.

Relentless pursuit of excellence

We are tenacious and ambitious in exceeding all expectations and delivering a compelling ROI. To do this, we focus on end-user CX. Popp makes your customers feel one in a million, not one of a million.

Simplicity is key

We know that simplicity is key to productivity. Popp’s conversation platform is built for non-technical users and can be deployed out of the box, anywhere in minutes.

Audacity not complacency

We’re audacious about disrupting the way organisations communicate. We’re jettisoning the stale, traditional toolsets of yesterday and reimagining a better world of communications that count.

Our team

Our highly technical team has deep expertise in data science & machine learning (hailing from Cambridge, MIT and LBS), and we're committed to becoming the leading partner for businesses in an AI-enabled future.

Sam Dhesi

Former Head of Emerging Tech for the UK Government, Cambridge data scientist, experienced technical product director and research engineer.

Ilyes Benmansour

Experienced full-stack developer, AI expert and lead software engineer for multiple high growth startups from pre-seed to Series B and beyond.

James Cochrane-Dyet

Seasoned tech strategy consultant and business development expert, former CCO at a Series A high-growth startup, MBA from LBS and MIT.

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