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Customisable application screening in minutes.

Build custom screening templates in minutes, and screen thousands of candidates at once

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DEI Optimisation

DEI Optimisation

Edit Role Descriptions for DEI

Use our AI editor to re-write your job descriptions against industry best-practice guidelines to be more attractive to candidates, and de-bias language to make postings more DEI positive.


Database Integration


Integrate with Any Database

Ingest any type of candidate data to import candidates to your campaign directly from your ATS, using our CV upload tool, or by adding LinkedIn profiles directly. Our unified API allows us to integrate with your existing ATS or CRM, and where needed, our team of engineers is on hand to develop custom integrations from the ground up.


Custom Application Screening


Build Custom Application Screening AI In Minutes

Customise our AI’s scoring criteria in natural language text, before dynamically sifting, scoring and producing detailed analyses on candidates in your database and/or inbound applicants. Save scoring templates for your team.


Automated Outreach


Automate Long-Listing and Outreach Activation

Set thresholds to automate candidate comparison, and dynamically long-list the candidates that count. Now run an engagement and screening campaign by connecting and activating Popp’s Conversational AI

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