Conversational AI

Conversational AI with Recruiters In-the-Loop

Launch and supervise mass outreach campaigns to engage, qualify and schedule next steps

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Automated Outreach

Automate Outreach to Candidates that Meet your Basic Requirements

Connect with our AI-enabled application screening solution to launch campaigns for your long-listed candidates.


1000s of Conversations at Once


Speak with 1000s of Candidates at Once. Through the Channels that Matter.

Automate initial engagement, screening, and interview scheduling via WhatsApp, SMS, and Email (LinkedIn coming soon) to rapidly engage and process candidates through the hiring funnel and schedule the next steps with the best candidates. Popp’s conversations achieve a 98% open rate, 4X higher than typical email and LinkedIn campaigns.


Stay in Control


Stay in Control at Every Step

Maintain a human-in-the-loop in every conversation to take over and hand back to your AI co-pilot as you see best.


Automatic Database Updates


Automatically Update Your Candidate Database

Keep your candidate database automatically updated in realtime with every touchpoint in the campaign. We convert conversational data into clean, ATS-friendly data that can be safely fed back into your database.


Continuous Improvements


Learn and Improve Your Processes Constantly

Automatically use our machine learning capabilities to constantly improve your recruitment efficiency and the quality of your hires.

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